You might be surprised at how much a nurse can earn.

The highest paid positions, like a director of nursing, can earn over £95,000 per year.

As a registered nurse starting your career, whether you took a diploma or degree in nursing, you would start on over £21,000 per year. You can earn even more through overtime and other payments.   

Nursing is perceived as poorly paid, but that’s not true: since qualifying and specialising, my finances compare pretty well with mates in other jobs.

Paul Malone, ambulance control triage nurse. Read Paul’s full story.

Salaries are weighted, so if you work in London where the cost of living is higher, you can get up to 20% extra on top of your normal salary.

There was a certain standard of living I wanted to achieve when I started nursing. I now have everything that was on my list.

Christopher Dzikiti, modern matron. Read Chris’s full story.

There are many career pathways you can take within nursing.

Clear development routes and NHS pay scales mean you can plan your own career goals and work out where you will stand financially at every stage.

For an idea of the current range of NHS roles on offer, browse NHS Jobs